Payment Questions

When you place an order on the OtterBox website, we must contact your credit card's bank to ensure that your credit card has a valid number. This is done via a full authorisation for the amount of the purchase and is merely a security measure we use to protect your financial information. While it may seem as though you have multiple charges on your credit card, these are not charges. They are authorisations that will drop off from your statement (if your order did not go through) after few days. We only charge a credit or debit card after an order has shipped, and we only charge the card once. If any questions about these authorisations, please contact your bank. If you experience further issues, please Contact Us and we would be happy to help in any way possible.

We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues while placing an order with us. Here is a list of possible reasons as to why your order is not processing:

  • You haven't completed all the required fields.
  • The billing address that is on the order does not match the billing address where the card statement is mailed to.
  • The shipping address that is on the order does not match the shipping address that is saved on your Paypal account.
  • Unavailable funds.
  • If you used an American Express card, we're sorry but we do not accept this card type. We only accept MasterCard, Visa, Revolut and Paypal.
  • Incorrect credit card number or expiration date.
  • You may need to enter the three-digit security number located on the back of your card.

If you've placed an order online, please make sure to review your order carefully. If you find any errors, please Contact Us immediately. Due to our automated system, orders are automatically sent to our fulfilment department as soon as they are submitted online. Please understand we will not be able to modify / cancel your order once it has been placed online.